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Forming partnerships is vital to any businesses success. This also applies to big investment programs. Developing partnerships is key to ensuring successful outcomes for all. Keeping in mind the importance of partnerships, cbasetrading.com has devised a very profitable affiliate program.
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Our affiliate program allows you to earn referrals commission in 3 levels of 3% - 1% - 1%. To participate in affiliate program, you should find referral link in your personal account and use it on own discretion to promote our investment proposal among users of the Internet and beyond. When your referral makes deposit in cbasetrading.com, you get affiliate commission automatically. You will receive 3% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals, 1% of the deposits made by your second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals).
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52, Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PH, UK
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